Even if you do everything in your power to protect your skin from the sun, you might begin to notice discoloration and other forms of surface damage at some point. Most sunspots are completely harmless, but some people feel as if they are unsightly. Skin discoloration can make you look much older than you really are. That is why our team is devoted to offering our patients some of the most advanced sunspot removal treatments in the world. Our non-invasive procedures will boost your confidence and take years off your appearance.

Developing Sun Spots

Sunspots occur when you are exposed to UVA and UVB lights for long periods of time. For most people, it takes years to develop sunspots, but some struggle with them at a much younger age. The average sunspot looks just like a large or uneven freckle that is a dark brown hue. This condition usually takes place on patches of skin that are regularly exposed to the sun including the hands, arms, shoulders, chest, and face. Luckily, there are an array of options available for sunspot removal.

Laser Treatments

Oral medications and bleaching creams can be used for sunspot removal, but those treatments aren’t always effective. Some patients also experience severe reactions after those treatments, and that is why we usually suggest sunspot removal with lasers. During a laser treatment for sunspot removal, we will use a handheld device to break apart the collection of melanin around each sun spot.

Broadband Light Therapy

BBL therapy is another popular treatment option for sunspot removal and other age-related blemishes. Instead of breaking apart the melanin, this treatment is designed to trigger your body’s healing response. In the weeks following your BBL appointments for sunspot removal, your body will flush away the damaged skin cells and create a fresh batch of elastin. BBL technology for sunspot removal heals your skin by heating the underlying soft tissue to a specific temperature for a short period of time. As a response, your body treats the areas as if it was damaged.

Choosing a Treatment

Both of these sunspot removal treatments can be highly effective, and you will need to carefully weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. Laser treatments and BBL therapy produce relatively few unwanted side effects, but you might experience some discoloration if you have particularly sensitive skin.

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