Botox has been used for over a decade as a way to help individuals address and minimize the appearance of dynamic wrinkles. As is often the case with medical treatments, there are side effects that were unexpected. One of the side effects that were unexpected with this treatment is the way that Botox helps minimize or even completely remove the pain associated with migraine headaches.

This was discovered because patients who were going in to get their wrinkles removed started to comment that after their Botox treatments, their migraine symptoms dissipated or completely disappeared. For a while, Botox was used off-label as a way of treating migraines. However, the manufacturer of Botox pursued FDA approval and eventually was able to officially market Botox as a way of addressing migraine pain.

One of the nice things about using Botox for migraine pain is that there are very few if any side effects. Less than 10 percent of patients say that they have a sore neck. Some experience a slight temporary facial paralysis or pain in one of the muscles or ligaments in their face or head. And still, patients who experience some of these temporary side effects swear by this treatment. The effect that it has in reducing their migraine pain is so great that for them any side effects are negligible.

The results that you have using Botox for migraines are going to vary depending on the experience of the physician who is performing the treatment. Thankfully, Allergan, the company behind Botox, has spent a lot of money and a lot of time educating board-certified headache physicians on the best and most effective injection sites and methods for helping patients with chronic migraines.

It is important to know that this treatment does not relieve migraine symptoms immediately. Most people say that it takes between six to nine months before they start to feel the results. This means that you will need to have between two and three injections done spaced out evenly over a six to nine-month time frame. It takes a little bit of time for your muscles to learn to relax. So if you are going to use Botox for your migraines, give it at least three tries before you decide that it is not right for you.

For individuals who are paying for Botox out-of-pocket, it might seem expensive. However, many people feel that the cost of the treatments are worth it, especially when you compare the cost to the benefits that you get from the treatment. Having more days of the month without migraine pain, being able to hang out with friends and family, and the added benefit of having dynamic wrinkles disappear is more than worth it for most people.

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