Perspiration is a natural part of life. It’s the way your body keeps itself cool. Without perspiration, your body would overheat and you would eventually shut down. Depending on the circumstance, perspiration can be enjoyable, especially if it validates the fact that you exerted yourself while in sport or in some other form of exercise. However, excessive sweating can happen and it can be frustrating. miraDry® can help.

What is hyperhidrosis?

For people experiencing hyperhidrosis, sweating can rob them of life’s choices. Individuals who experience hyperhidrosis sweat to the point where their clothing is drenched with perspiration. It doesn’t matter if they are cold or hot. It doesn’t matter if they are exerting themselves or if they are relaxed. Wherever they are and whatever state they are in, they are sweating.

miraDry® has been the answer that many individuals battling with hyperhidrosis in their underarms have been looking for.

What is miraDry®?

miraDry® is a non-invasive treatment that has been cleared by the FDA. It has helped many people break free from the problems of underarm sweat. When they get rid of underarm sweat and when they get rid of the offensive odor that often accompanies underarm sweat, they feel confident. They know that their underarms are going to stay dry regardless of the situation that they are in.

miraDry® treatment is designed to remove sweat glands under the arms. The other sweat glands in your body will still be active, and they will still provide your body with the temperature control that they need. It can help you to improve your quality of life by giving you the confidence that you need to be able to wear any style of clothing you want and to engage in any activity that you want without worrying that your sweat glands are going to betray you.

A consultation with our team will help determine if miraDry® is the right option for you and your concerns about excessive sweating. The procedure itself is non-surgical and non-invasive. This outpatient treatment is performed in the comfort of our Salem office.

If you are tired of overactive armpit sweat glands, learn more about miraDry®. It could leave you with the sweat relief you want. Contact us today at the Medi Spa at Ridgewood Hill and book your consultation! Our team at our office in Salem, Virginia, is here to help.