Your skin is your body’s canvas, covering you from head to toe. While most of your skin is covered with clothing most of the time, there is one area that is always exposed. It’s your face. Your face is subjected to the weather and the sun’s harmful rays. This can take a toll on your most extensive organ by causing blemishes, spots, lines and wrinkles to appear. You can reverse the signs of skin damage that have been creeping up on you when you choose Oxygenetix. It’s a foundation that can be applied to your skin, doing wonders for your calling card to the world.

What’s the Story Behind Oxgenetix?

Oxygenetix is a foundation that will oxygenate your skin. It’s breathable and delivers oxygen to your skin through an advanced complex known as Ceravitae. It is also aloe-based and nurtures your skin. It enhances your skin cells in your face, revitalizing them and plumping them up to restore your skin’s healthy glow. Each product in this unique line is air-permeable, allowing oxygen to flow freely into your skin. It’s actually considered an oxygen treatment for your skin.

How Do You Use Oxygenetix?

It’s easy to make this product part of your daily routine. Clean your face first with a gentle cleansing product that will nourish your skin and not cause irritation. Apply the foundation or moisturizer to your face next. It will penetrate the surface of your skin and bring the therapeutic benefits of oxygen to your cells.

If you have early signs of skin damage, it will go to work, giving your skin what it needs until your face looks refreshed once again. Your skin will look firmer and plumper, and your color will improve with the power of oxygen.

When to Choose Oxgenetix

Physicians recommend Oxgenetix for their patients after laser treatments, treatments for acne or rosacea, skin resurfacing, chemical peels, dermal injection treatments and facial surgery. This product line is beneficial in healing skin that has been damaged by the sun or exposure to the elements.

Even if your skin appears to be healthy, you can add Oxygenetix to your daily skincare regimen to keep your skin in top form. You will give your skin a boost when you apply either the moisturizer or the foundation before any other type of makeup. The foundation does more than cover up any imperfections. It nourishes your skin and helps build it up from the inside out when it goes to work beneath the surface.

Experience the Oxygenetix Difference

Whether you see signs of damaged skin, your skin is healing after a recent procedure, or you simply want to nurture your skin, Oxygenetix can make a difference for you. You won’t believe the positive effects that come from using this innovative product line.

At the MediSpa at Ridgewood Hill, we can provide you with more information on how you can give your skin exactly what it needs by tapping into the power of oxygen. Oxygenetix gives you the opportunity to take care of your skin at home on a daily basis. Contact our office in Salem to book your first appointment and learn how you can make this foundation your path to healthier skin.