Reverse Aging Damage

Wish you could turn the clock back?  Hate those wrinkles that are showing up around your mouth?

As we naturally age, our face can change in ways to make us look sad or tired. We see creases between our brows and wrinkles around our eyes and mouth. Our skin starts to get a more uneven texture with brown spots and sun damage becoming apparent. The good news is that there are ways to turn these unwanted changes around that don’t require surgery!

The most common treatments chosen by our patients are Fillers for Lips, Cheeks, and Lines,  Botox® Cosmetic, and Laser Procedures for Sun Damage and Wrinkles.

Experience counts. Reputation matters.

The Medi Spa at Ridgewood Hill boasts a discreet setting, an experienced staff, and a beautiful office located in Salem, VA. 


For Lips, Cheeks, and Lines

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  • Improve the wrinkles around your mouth
  • Change that tired look
  • FDA approved
  • Long-lasting results



Learn More about Botox
  • Keep wrinkles from forming
  • FDA approved
  • Only official Botox® Cosmetic is used

Laser Procedures

For Sun Damage and Wrinkles

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  • Brown spot removal
  • Lessen red spider veins
  • Fix skin texture problems
  • Light peels for minor wrinkles and texture issues
  • Aggressive peels for heavy wrinkles

Reverse Aging Damage

Other Treatments and Procedures

In addition to fillers and fat removal, the experienced staff at The Medi Spa offers the following treatments and procedures to help enhance your look (click any below for more information):