As we age, our skin’s ability to produce collagen and elastin diminishes and the skin in our hands is no different. Over time, the hands naturally lose volume, leaving the skin looking thin and wrinkled which can accentuate the appearance of veins and tendons. Because hands are among the most exposed to the elements, they often reveal much about our age.

Radiesse® is the first and only injectable filler FDA-approved to correct volume loss in the hands.

How do you Rate your Hands?


How Radiesse ® Works:


*Picture 1: Calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in gel carrier *Picture 2: Provides immediate volume & correction but continues to work by stimulating the body to produce it’s own collagen *Picture 3: Over time, the gel is absorbed and the body metabolizes the CaHA and leaves behind the natural collagen *Source: Merz Aesthetics



radiesse6Radiesse ® is comprised of calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in a gel which temporarily stimulates the body’s natural collagen production which results in increased volume in the treatment area. The body then naturally metabolizes the microspheres and their gel carrier. Since the microspheres are comprised of substances naturally found in your body, there’s no need for allergy testing.


Benefits of Radiesse®

Because Radiesse® stimulates natural collagen, you will enjoy the benefit of long term skin quality improvement while maintaining a beautifully soft, natural look.

With Radiesse® you’ll enjoy:

  • A more youthful appearance to your hands
  • Immediate and visible results
  • Clinically proven to last 6-9 months in the hands with optimal treatment
  • Reduction in the appearance of tendons and veins

How are Radiesse® Injections Performed?

Prior to injections, Dr. Wray, or her nurse injector, Katie Vaughan, will evaluate the patient’s overall health and discuss areas of concern for the patient.  From there, your healthcare provider will establish a treatment plan with you.

Radiesse ® is injected under the skin using a fine needle and there may be a degree of discomfort associated with the procedure.  Radiesse ® is FDA-approved to mix with lidocaine to reduce discomfort as the procedure progresses.  We will usually ice the area to help prevent bruising.


Preparing for your Radiesse® Treatment

In order to keep possible bruising to a minimum, it is helpful to avoid medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or other NSAIDs for 2 weeks prior to your injections.  Avoiding alcohol use for up to 48 hours prior to your injections could limit bruising as well.

You may experience some bruising, soreness, and swelling in the treatment area within the first few weeks.  This is a normal reaction and should resolve on its own.  Ice packs will help alleviate any temporary discomfort and help with the temporary swelling and bruising.

How much does Radiesse® Cost?

The cost of cosmetic injectables varies based on type and amount used.  We accept cash, checks, and credit cards including VISA®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and American Express®.  We also offer financing through CareCredit®.  Payment in full is required prior to or at the time of your procedure.