Sweating is a natural part of life. However, the times when it is considered acceptable to sweat are few and far in between. Unfortunately, there are some people in Roanoke who have a condition that causes their underarms to sweat uncontrollably. The cosmetic industry has seen this problem and has tried hard to correct it. However, for many people, the options to control excessive underarm sweating that are available on the market today just do not cut it. Prescription deodorants and prescription antiperspirants do not do the trick for someone who has uncontrollable underarm sweating. All of that changed in January of 2011. It was then that the FDA approved the use of miraDry® as a way to permanently treat excessive underarm sweating.

What’s interesting is that the FDA has seen that miraDry® is not only effective in preventing excessive underarm sweating, but it is also effective in getting rid of that horrible odor that people with axillary hyperhidrosis deal with. The studies that have evaluated the effectiveness of miraDry® have been a resounding success. At the end of these studies, 83 percent of people said that they saw a marked improvement with their hyperhidrosis even seven months after the procedure was performed.

What makes miraDry® in Roanoke so awesome is that it is a non-invasive procedure. There is no surgery, there are no stitches, and there is virtually no recovery time. All that happens is a handheld device is used to transmit electromagnetic energy to the overactive sweat glands, permanently destroying them in a safe way.

The amount of time you are going to need for the treatment will vary depending on what percentage of your sweat glands you want destroyed, among other factors. After the procedure, you’re going to be able to go back to most all of your everyday activities as if nothing had happened.

This procedure is a godsend for people in the Roanoke area who have been battling with the embarrassment of excessive underarm sweating. Some people wonder whether or not it is damaging to their health to get rid of the sweat glands in their armpits. The answer is no. Your body has an innumerable amount of sweat glands. So this treatment does nothing to affect your body’s ability to stay cool and healthy.

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