The first time you shave your legs, face, or other parts of your body, you usually feel very excited. It meant that you were becoming a young man or woman. It meant that you were maturing. After shaving for a while, you likely found that it was something that became quite annoying. The thing that at one time was exciting and meant independence now means uncomfortable skin, unsatisfying results, and a lot of wasted time. Would you like to kick unwanted body hair to the curb and no longer have to shave? If your answer to that question is yes, we invite you to learn more about laser hair removal in Roanoke, VA. This laser treatment will allow you to get semi-permanent or permanent results, which means that you can get rid of that unwanted body hair for a very long time, if not forever, and toss out your shaving cream and razors.

Laser hair removal produces long-lasting results because it is designed to disable the hair follicles in the areas that receive treatment. Since the hair follicles are disabled, they cannot produce hair. If in the future you go through some kind of hormonal change, perhaps a pregnancy, you may experience some hair regrowth. However, besides going through a major hormonal change, it is very unlikely that you will ever have to shave treated areas again.

Most of our clients need to have a series of treatment sessions at our office in Roanoke, VA in order to get the longest-lasting results. There is very little that you have to do in order to prepare for your session. You can actually shave the unwanted hair away. However, you cannot use tweezers to pluck the hair and you cannot use waxing kits in order to get rid of it. You need to leave the hair follicles intact so that they can be treated during the laser hair removal sessions. The great benefit of using laser hair removal over waxing that is that you can actually shave in between sessions. You don’t have to deal with a bunch of hair growth on your face, legs, or in other places during the period of time that you have to go through your treatments.

If you live in the Roanoke, VA area and you are interested in kicking unwanted hair to the curb, make an appointment at The Medi Spa at Ridgewood Hill in Salem, VA. We will show you why this treatment is superior to other forms of hair removal. It is a quick, easy, and effective solution. You are no longer going to have to spend all that time shaving and getting rid of hair in the morning before your day. You are no longer going to have stubble later on in the day. And you will no longer have all of that skin irritation and sensitivity that is connected to shaving regularly. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for laser hair removal!