Enhance Your Look

Wish you had that full look to your lips? Not happy with that little bulge of fat? Want your skin to glow? Sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t totally come through for us. We have the means to give you that extra boost to help enhance your natural beauty.

The most common treatments chosen by our patients wishing to enhance their look are Fillers for Lips and Cheeks, and fat removal with CoolSculpting® Elite or Kybella®

Experience counts. Reputation matters.

The Medi Spa at Ridgewood Hill boasts a discreet setting, an experienced staff, and a beautiful office located in Salem, VA. 


For Lips and Cheeks

Fillers for Face and Hands
  • Plump up your lips
  • Create high cheek bones
  • Lasting results
  • FDA approved

Fat Removal

CoolSculpting® & Kybella®

Learn More about Fat Removal
  • Get rid of annoying fat pockets that won’t go away with diet or exercise
  • Non-surgical, FDA cleared
  • Safely remove fat cells by freezing or dissolving

Enhance Your Look

Other Treatments and Procedures

In addition to fillers, and fat removal, the experienced staff at The Medi Spa offers the following treatments and procedures to help enhance your look (click any below for more information):