Treatment for double chins has come a long way in the past few years. Recently, there has been increased demand to treat the chin area. People are posting more and more pictures online. They’re also spending more and more time using apps like Skype and FaceTime. They’re more sensitive than ever about the way they look in these virtual meetings and in person. Eliminating a double chin has become a goal of many people who are eager to make a good first impression. Thankfully, we offer double chin treatment in the Roanoke area.


Double chins can be caused by factors including genetics, weight gain and, of course, aging. Candidates for double chin treatment generally try a variety of strategies to improve their appearance first. Of course, if you’re overweight, weight loss can help. Serums and diet can have some impact. However, these strategies usually don’t help.


The best and only FDA-approved double chin treatment out there is Kybella®. This is an injectable made from deoxycholic acid. DA is produced naturally within the body, where its roles include emulsifying fat. When injected into the double chin area, Kybella® destroys fat cells.


Usually, more than one treatment is required to achieve the desired result. These sessions must take place at least one month apart. However, after the full treatment, the fat will never come back.


Advantages of Kybella® include the short treatment time, the fact that almost no recovery time is required, and fewer side effects than one would have with a surgical procedure. When being assessed to see if Kybella® is a good fit, patients should let our medical professionals know what procedures they’ve had on their face and neck in the past. They will also need to meet the criteria for the double chin treatment.


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