Everyone knows they are going to get older. Although you know it is going to happen, it can be hard to accept it. One of the reasons why it can be difficult to accept the aging process is because it is not something that you can clearly see when you look at yourself in the mirror every single day. Since the process is so slow, you may not realize how much your face has aged until you compare an image of yourself today with the way that you looked a few years ago. Thankfully, all is not lost. Juvederm Voluma is a powerful product that is designed to restore facial volume. In doing so, it can help you correct age-related volume loss, returning your youthful appearance.

Age-related changes are most apparent in the face. They are the ones that other people see first. Really, there are lots of little changes that take place on your face over the years that add up to the aging process.

One of the biggest changes is the structural rearrangement that is going on underneath your skin. In youth, your face has a lot of fat. This fat is distributed in an even way. There are certain areas that have a little bit more fat such as your cheeks and your temples. However, as you get older, the fat in your face loses volume. Gravity causes facial fat to sink down. You start to notice hollow areas around your eyes, your temples, and in your mid-face. This is where Juvederm Voluma can help.

Juvederm Voluma widely praised for the results it provides, and for good reason. This injectable is the first and only FDA-approved product designed to instantly increase volume in the cheeks. Increasing volume in this area alone can do wonders to turn back the hands of time. Fortunately, that’s exactly what Juvederm Voluma does. After you treatment, you can expect improved facial volume and contour, gentle and natural lifting, and results that can last as long for two years.

With the aging process comes the worry about the appearance of wrinkles. Unsurprisingly, there is a link between facial wrinkling and the loss of facial volume. On your face, you will notice two types of wrinkles: static and dynamic.

Static wrinkles are the wrinkles that appear on your face regardless of the facial expression you make. Dynamic wrinkles are the wrinkles that come to the fore when you make a facial expression, such as smiling or frowning. In one way or another, both of these facial wrinkles are connected to the loss or shift of facial volume.

Dynamic wrinkles are affected by the loss of facial volume in the sense that as your skin becomes thinner, the movements of your muscles are telegraphed through your skin. Over time, the movement of your skin that correlates to your facial muscles leaves you with deep creases in your face.

Juvederm Voluma can improve the appearance of both. With the hyaluronic acid present in the specially designed solution, it will lift and plump your skin in the treated areas and continue to do so long after your treatment is completed. If Juvederm Voluma sounds like the right treatment for you, ask us about it during your consultation with us at The MediSpa at Ridgewood Hill. Schedule your consultation at our office in Salem today!