If you are like most individuals, you have trouble finding a great skin care product. Some of them leave your skin oily while others dry out your skin. Many of the products you have tried have most likely not addressed your skin’s needs by changing the tissues beneath the surface of your skin. Instead of relying on topical products that do not work for you, turn to SkinCeuticals’ unique collections of products for all skin types. Whether you are young or old, have dry or oily skin or need sun care or serums, we have SkinCeuticals options in our office that can help your skin improve from the inside out.

SkinCeuticals is unique in that it is scientifically formulated to work beneath the surface of your skin to improve skin health while using pure, safe products. These products are specifically designed for use with advanced skin care treatments to improve and extend the results of your latest procedure. They reduce common signs of aging while keeping healthy skin from being harmed and preventing future damage to your skin cells. Each product undergoes extensive research and clinical testing before making it to our medi spa.

With SkinCeuticals, you can experience amazing topical skin care that can eliminate the need for more invasive skin treatments. With a simple, multi-step application every morning and night, you could have the beautiful skin that you have always wanted.

During a consultation with us at The Medi Spa at Ridgewood Hill, we can help you choose just the right SkinCeuticals products for your skin’s unique needs. Whether you have aging skin, sun spots, acne or wrinkles or you need basic help with hydration, this brand has a series of products that will most likely be right for you. With a brief consultation at our office in Salem, we can determine what your goals are for your skin and can determine your skin’s level of dryness or hydration. With each of these points in mind, we can then direct you to the right product or the right line that you can use every day. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started!